Bagaimana Menguasai 5 Keterampilan Memasak Dasar – Gordon Ramsay

Kami telah menyusun lima sebelumnya video menjadi satu, membantu anda untuk menguasai keterampilan dasar anda di dapur. Memasak nasi, memotong bawang, mengasah pisau, deboning ikan dan memasak pasta.
Dari Gordon Ultimate Kursus Masak.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Kursus Masak –
Berlangganan mingguan memasak video.

Jika anda menyukai klip ini memeriksa sisa dari Gordon saluran:
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40 thoughts on “Bagaimana Menguasai 5 Keterampilan Memasak Dasar – Gordon Ramsay

  1. Waw! I scare to cut my finger! Its cool, need practice. If any body interes with simple Indonesian recepis, come and visit my channel. Dont forget to like and subscribe, thanks

  2. Put oil in the pasta water? Season your pasta afterwards? That's what the sauce is for. Hate to quibble with one of my idols here but I think he's wrong on this one.

  3. One would think that a cook would know how to skin a salmon. Skinning is a 1 second job with one stroke.
    Bones comes off easy if the salmon is ice cold. Skinning makes the boning more difficult. What an idiot he is!
    ….and that is not how to sharpen a knife.

  4. 45 degrees on a sharpen? that's a hone you dimwit tard. This moron needs to go to blade smith school before instructing others

  5. I usually keep the rice in water for about 10 min after washing it, then i cook it, comes out perfect too each time.. That's what my grandma did and my mom and me.. Yum

  6. Bhosdina tari mane chodu photo hatay bhagvan no eggs banave Che tya j bhavnag ne besadya che tari Ma ni chut

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